Antimonument Extended

Teaser for Antimonument Extended VR Program

The “Antimonument Extended” is a tool for deconstructing histories represented behind the public monuments in a non-violent and democratic way. 

Monument has always been target of people’s sentiments against authority and history. However in the past 5 years,  increased number of images of monuments and statues are being toppled, vandalized and damaged flooded our world. The act of deconstructing the monuments, across the globe, has become a tactic and as well as an universally understood grammar of questioning the histories. The project aims to develop an open source VR software in collaboration with scholars, artists, and activists to engage public in deconstructing the monuments – not physically but in virtual reality and in mixed reality. 

The player (or audience) using their Virtual Reality headset can enter the game and is transported to the selected controversial statues and monuments in Germany but also around the world. The player is virtually placed right in front of the monument of real-life scale, then the player is met by the avatar guide who gives summarized information about the creator,  sponsors and the background of the monument. Then the player is given different sets of tools for action –  to intervene the monument. The choices would vary depending on each monuments, but it will provide different rituals and tactics used to express our feelings toward the monuments, and eventually towards what these monuments represent. 

The project is supported by Kunstfonds, Kunstkommission Düsseldorf and Culture Department of Düsseldorf, and will premier in summer of 2023.

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