Antimonument Extended

Aug 4th opening of MANUFACTURING ANTIMONUMENT – exhibition at Wildpalms, Düsseldorf

The “Antimonument Extended” is a Ausländer-initiated VR and Mixed Reality Art Project for deconstructing traces of Nazi behind the public monuments in a non-violent and democratic way. 

Monument has always been target of people’s sentiments against authority and history. However in the past 5 years,  increased number of images of monuments and statues are being toppled, vandalized and damaged flooded our world. The act of deconstructing the monuments, across the globe, has become a tactic and as well as an universally understood grammar of questioning the histories. Then in the context of Germany, the question is how do we, and how do “Ausländer” engage with histories and traces of Nazi still present in the public spaces.

Antimonument Extended 2023 Events

June 24 2023 12-23pm Mix Reality Workshop / Audio Visual Intervention @ Aquazoo, Düsseldorf w/ Navid Razavi

August 4 :6pm “Manufacturing Antimonument” – Opening @ Wildpalms (Gerresheimerstr. 33 Düsseldorf)

August 5-27 “Manufacturing Antimonument” – Exhibition @ Wildpalms (Gerresheimerstr. 33 Düsseldorf) Thurs + Fri 3pm -7pm, Saturday 12pm-6pm

August 18 :6pm Lecture Demo with Philip Gröning @Wildpalms (Gerresheimerstr. 33 Düsseldorf)

August 19 : 2-8pm Mix Reality Workshop / Performance @ Bergischer Löwe, Königsalle/Golf-adolf platz – Düsseldorf w/Alejandra Balzatar, Kraft Collective (Oscar Cueto, Manuela Picallo Gil)

August 23 : 3-5pm Virtual + Physical Conference “Antimonument Expanded” @Center for Culture and Technology of Southern Denmark University. Click here for a zoom link. Physical conference will take place @Wildpalms (Gerresheimerstr. 33 Düsseldorf)

August 27 : 3pm Finissage @Wildpalms (Gerresheimerstr. 33 Düsseldorf)